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FADE- A virtual reading production of FADE by Tanya Saracho. It was my first venture into the world of directing over Zoom, and was performed live over Zoom as well. 


Teatro con CAUSA (Theatre with CAUSE)- A self directed/self written piece where I worked in tandem with several community based organizations, one of which was CAUSE, where I got the title. The show explored the manner in which we deliver information to communities, especially those which are historically underserved. 

Funding and support was provided by Define American, and the project was shared in an open air space provided by working with the community organization "El Corazon del Pueblo." 

The Little Mermaid Jr.- The Little Mermaid Jr. at San Luis Obispo Repertory through their youth program ACT.

Through the traditional outline of the story of Disney's The Little Mermaid, I attempted to show the main character Ariel as more in control of her narrative, as opposed to the traditional "victim of fate" narrative. 

I also actively attempted to mentor and teach the youth cast the basics of performance and theatre etiquette, all while maintaining a safe and supportive environment. 

Musical Direction by Danielle McNamara and Lacey McNamara
Choreography by Danya Conn Nunley and Christian Arteaga
Scenic Design by David Linfield
Costume Design by Keith Wetzel
Lighting and Sound Design by Kevin Harris

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SLO Rep Little Mermaid 2.jpg
SLO REP Little Mermaid.jpg
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Community Speaks! 2016_2.jpg
Community Speaks! 2014_2.jpg
Community Speaks! 2017_1.jpg

Community Speaks!- Through the use of the conventions of Verbatim Theatre, Site Specific and Community Based Theatre, and Devised Ensemble work, my collaborator (Karin Hendriks) and I wrote several pieces that centered around the daily struggles of the community of Santa Maria and beyond. Some of the stories we told revolved around immigration, others on abuse, and some even on patriotism and freedom of speech. 

We then interwove the narratives using the strengths that the ensemble brought with them as individuals; including shadow work, traditional forms of dance, live DJ skills, and movement work. 

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